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UX Living Lab belongs to DoWell Research; a global User Experience research team.

We started our journey in 1995 as a startup and established management consulting and user experience research. We are a highly-rated UX research partner for Google, Spotify and many more global brands. Our field research team operates from 125 locations globally.

Standing on this research background, we are now translating our knowledge base to management products for tiny, small and medium sectors globally.


Our Products

Workflow AI is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that is designed to automate and optimize business processes. It uses AI algorithms to analyze data and identify inefficiencies in a company’s workflow. Learn More

This technology allows customers to join a virtual queue from anywhere, either by phone, website, or mobile app, and then receive an estimated wait time. Learn More

WiFi Qrcode is a type of barcode that contains information about a wireless network. It can be scanned by a mobile device to quickly join a wireless network without having to enter a password. Learn More

Use UXliving lab to create user personas and build empathy. By taking the time to understand more about the people who will use your product, you can anticipate their needs, preferences, and pain points. Learn More


Social Media Automation by UXliving Lab is a service that helps businesses and individuals manage their social media campaigns and content more efficiently. Learn More

The customer experience at UXliving lab is excellent and customers can be sure to get the best UX learning experience.. Learn More


A tool for measuring the efficiency of a living lab, which is an environment for researching, developing, and testing products, services, and systems. Learn More


Process in which a logo is scanned and converted into a digital image file. This is done by taking a photograph of the logo or scanning it with a computer scanner. Learn More


An online legal document generator and database that offers users a way to create customized agreements, forms, and other legal documents with the click of a button. Learn More

Livinglab maps are a range of home and office lighting fixtures designed to be energy efficient, stylish and sustainable. Learn More

Permutation calculator is a tool used to calculate the number of possible permutations of a set of given items. Learn More


Live Stream dashboard provides users with a real-time overview of their stream and helps them to identify any potential issues, such as lag or low viewership. Learn More


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