About Us

DoWell UX Living Lab

  • True Moments User experience lab is a unique living lab organised by DoWell Research globally.
  • We collect insights from user’s daily life from the rural and urban area of each country
  • DoWell do crowdsourcing using open innovation engagement model to interact with users
  • User interaction will be in Home, street, lab or office with consumer and business profiles
  • We have offices in Frankfurt, London, Singapore, Chicago and Helsinki for client support and managing projects
  • DoWell Have 25 years experience in UX research
DoWell Research executes qualitative and quantitative research with users in Living lab using prototype testing, interviewing, ethnographic studies, group discussions and user experience studies.
Our team renders online and offline research services in all phases of the product development cycle in a transparent way.
DoWell assures reliable information, local knowledge about the market, responsiveness and empathy to clients through its highly motivated team of employees and freelancers across the globe.
Shall we have a con call to discuss this to the next level? We are happy to present how UX with targeted users can support your innovation journey.
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