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Your team may be developing a new product, new service, new process or new business model; we gather information from users who are the beneficiaries. Then involve them in the stages of innovation and collect their insights to support your innovation journey
We have global presence and our team spread over Asia, Africa, Europe and the US; and we do research in urban and rural area of each country
The social crowdsourcing is based on Instagram profiles, Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. We crowdsource from these platforms geographically and interact with each profile continuously
In our unique way of UX research, we do crowdsourcing from social media, and we are incorporating the classical methods of traditional research. Both combined together, we can give a unique research experience. The uniquenesses are, Live data, Personal profiles, Primary data. Social media and online methods.
We divide the analysis into three phases. Phase one is indicative analysis. Phase two is directive analysis, phase three is deep drive study
Welcome to UX living lab, we have 25 years of experience in UX research. Shall we have a con call to discuss this to the next level? We are happy to present how UX with targeted users can support your innovation journey. if so, fix a meeting with us
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