Digital Q



Book products and services online. It is designed to make online shopping easy and fast through a cashless experience.

Save Your Time

Helps to reduce time wastage involved with physical queues, allowing cashless transactions.


Convenient and allows customers to schedule appointments and make necessary payments easily.

Zero Stress Policy

Perfect for introverts, those with social anxiety, remote shoppers and everyone in general.


  • Exclusive app for Digital Q management Head over to our website or play store and download the app right away. A single app will counter all your business needs.
  • Organized Work Flows Digital Q is best used for digitizing business processes that require workflow tracking, data collection, documentation, and real-time information access by all team members.
  • Product grouping in 5 levels As a student or personal brand, Digital Q keeps you organized and lets you know what you should be doing at the right time.
  • Product tracking using Digital Queue Queue tracking helps track inventory in real time based on scanning activity. Inventory can be tracked based on the QR Code’s GPS location, time of the last scan, and even the OS.
  • Digital Q allows the customer pay for services easily. Customers can pay through thier phones instead of physical cash or card.
  • Digital Q saves the time of both the customer and the business owner as everything will be organized.


Share the details of your shipping policy.


Share the details of your return policy.

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