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How it works
Step 1 – Collecting Customer’s Voice continuously by uxlivinglab
  • UX Living Lab will analyse your website and social media and then prepare questionnaire
  • Our team will give link and QR code of the questionnaire to you by email
  • Place the link in your websites and social media channels by your team; we will guide you.
  • Display QR code in your shop and other Purchase points for scanning
  • Encourage your consumers to give feedback by clicking the link or scanning the QR code
Step 2 – Analysing Customer’s Voice by uxlivinglab
  • UX Living Lab will analyse the data submitted through the questionnaire and QR Code
  • Our team will prepare an exclusive report for you every week
Step 3 – Innovating your Business
  • UX Living Lab will present strategies every week to you in a pre-scheduled meeting
  • Client support by email and chat
The process repeats in next week
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